Idea Dinners is shaking up networking in Miami by pairing strangers together over cocktails and craft cuisine to engage in meaningful conversation and share ideas.

Each Idea Dinner is thoughtfully curated to build meaningful conversations and long-lasting relationships while creating pop-up dinner parties that showcase creative spaces, local culinary artists and mixologists. Unlike a typical networking event where you might have short interactions with lots of people, Idea Dinners is where you can make focused, meaningful relationships while enjoying a custom menu and one-of-a kind dining experience. 

Whether you are launching a business, starting a project or pioneering change in the community, Idea Dinners is where you can gain insight through meaningful conversation and make long-lasting connections that advance your personal and professional growth.

Dinners vary by theme and often include a prominent dinner guest who frames the conversation based around his or her area of expertise. Idea Dinners take place in creative settings throughout Central Florida. Each dinner is carefully curated to showcase the talented individuals in our community while offering a premium dining experience. 


The Story Behind the Idea  

Bringing creative visionaries and innovators together is the vision Idea Dinners Founder Lacey McLaughlin has for moving communities forward. 

Inspired by the salons of the early 19th century that brought together great minds to discuss new ideas, Idea Dinners is  a modern-day salon where strangers can gather to build meaningful relationships and share their passions. 

After working as a journalist for several years and avid traveler with a passion for food, Lacey was compelled to showcase the talented individuals, entrepreneurs and food and drink purveyors she met by hosting intimate dinner parties. 

Idea Dinners celebrates the power of great ideas and creates a place where innovation can flourish. . 



Join us at the Table 

We offer a premium curated dining and networking experience by using an application process to match you to the dinner that reflects your interest and area of expertise.. Here’s how it works: 


Apply for a dinner by telling us about your big idea. We want to hear what excites you and how you would contribute to our dinner. Ideas can be related to a conversation topic you’d like to discuss, people you want to meet or a project or business you want to start or improve upon. No idea is off limits. We want to hear what you can come up with!


By filling out our online application you’ll be entered into a pool of guests who will be paired together for a future dinner. You’ll be carefully selected based on your interests, occupation and idea. Dinners vary by price ranging and your seat will be confirmed once your payment is made. To keep the experience intimate no more than 12 seats will be available for each dinner. You will also be added to the list for our other larger events that are offered throughout the year such as annual Thanksgiving Potluck and Anniversary Dinner. 


Your dinner invitation will include directions to a unique venue where likeminded individuals will gather around a table to enjoy crafted cuisine by a local chef and engage in conversation relating to the topic or theme of the dinner. Each dinner provides an opportunity for us to tell the story of our community and the innovators who are taking part in our dinners. 




Who is this for?

Entrepreneurs, innovators, leaders, creatives and foodies. Idea Dinners is for anyone with a love for crafted cuisine and a passion for supporting and sharing ideas. 

What is included in the cost?

Our dinners include cocktails, appetizers, wine, multiple course gourmet meals and dessert. The relationships and networking opportunities are worth much more than any dollar amount.

How else can I be part of Idea Dinners?

Do you have a welcoming space or unique venue that could be used for a dinner? Would you like to promote your culinary services, floral arrangements, tablescapes, libations or products? If so, we are looking for sponsors who are willing to donate services and goods for exposure to a niche market of local creatives and entrepreneurs. 

For all other inquiries and questions, please e-mail




"The intimate setting among a diverse group of people is such a unique opportunity for this area. The topics make for an engaging conversation and coupled with a chef prepared meal, Idea Dinners are geared toward those looking to break out and meet interesting new people. Attendees should expect to be wowed by the setting, food and the eclectic group of people they will be introduced to." - Jack White, partner at White Challis Redevelopment Co. and Jack White Land Co. 

“It was great getting together with diverse people I would not have connected with but for Idea Dinners. Lacey did a great job preparing a wonderful experience and curating a great collection of attendees for the topic. The food and drink was outstanding and all the little details were covered to make it a special event. I would recommend Idea Dinners for entrepreneurs and those interested in contributing to their community.” Art Zimmet, Program Manager, Florida Virtual Entrepreneurial Center

"I recommend Idea Dinners for anyone that feels like they are ‘the only one in this area’ that thinks like they do. It is amazing to find that there are so many other people here just like you.  Daytona Beach area is truly special and draws people from across the country and around the world. Idea Dinners is an important new fixture in the community that helps to bring us all together and a little closer to one another.”  - Dave Spitzer, Research Engineer at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, consultant, real estate investor